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Encontros de Sociologia & Antropologia – Marco Pomati

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O Programa de Pós-Graduação em Sociologia e Antropologia (PPGSA) da UFRJ convida para palestra “Measuring poverty and living standards in Europe and Africa”, do Prof. Dr. Marco Pomati (Cardiff University), nos Encontros de Sociologia & Antropologia do PPGSA/UFRJ, a ser realizada no dia 26 de abril de 2019, às 10:00h, Sala Evaristo de Moraes Filho, 109, térreo, no Instituto de Filosofia e Ciências Sociais.

Resumo: Living standards and poverty are typically measured using income as a proxy. Past research into these subjects focus on how they have changed over time, the extent to which there are in inequalities in living standards and poverty for different groups, and the impact of the recession on living standards. To date, little research combines economic and non-economic indicators to inform living standards and poverty. Multidimensional indicators that go beyond disposable (net) income and expenditure or consumption as a proxy are able to capture a fuller picture of living standards and poverty and better inform policy making and research. My presentation aims to present greater understanding of the relationship between objective and subjective indicators of living standards and poverty and how this changed over the course of the recession for different family life-course types using data from different sources and different countries in Europe and Africa.

Marco Pomati teaches and develops quantitative methods in a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate research methods and substantive courses at Cardiff University. He has a broad-based background in Sociology, Anthropology, Social Policy and Research Methods. He has worked  at the University of Bristol, the National Foundation for Educational Research, the National Centre for Social Research and the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion where he carried out quantitative analysis of small and large scale surveys and assessment data. His recent work focuses on the exploration and validation of policy-relevant living standards measures in Europe, the UK and Africa; the relationship between low income and parenting practices in the UK; the prevalence and patterning of multiple malnutrition in young children in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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26 de abril
10:00 - 13:00
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Sala 109 / Evaristo de Moraes Filho do IFCS